Top Reasons Why Our Clients love ROBOP

  1. ROBOP is cost effective: it is on average 1/3 of the cost of netting.
  2. ROBOP can be used on ANY size of building or to protect a wider area.
  3. ROBOP is completely humane as it does not harm the birds.
  4. ROBOP is sustainable and eco-friendly with it’s solar powered batteries
  5. ROBOP is Backed by scientific expertise, engineering know how and years of practical experience, we call it the 3 Es –expertise, engineering, experience.
  6. ROBOP is very easy to install and poses no health or safety risk.
  7. ROBOP causes ZERO damage to buildings.
  8. ROBOP is built for long term reliability, in all weather conditions and requires minimal maintenance.
  9. ROBOP is completely reversible and does not need to be moved for access.
  10. ROBOP has a proven track record over 12 years with more than 70 corporate and public sector clients in over 15 countries.

Do you know the true cost of birds?


Every year pest birds cause thousands of pounds of damage to buildings just like yours.

Ventilation SystemsMany birds carry infectious diseases, and any droppings or particles that enter the ventilation can cause serious health & safety problems and a large cleaning bill. 

Fire RiskBird feathers and nest materials are highly flammable and can pose a serious fire risk. 

Cleaning Bills Every year we see companies spend tens of thousands of pounds cleaning up after pest birds. 

Damaged MachineryThe roof is where a lot of major equipment is located. Bird droppings are extremely corrosive and can severely damage equipment causing expensive repairs. 

Flooded BuildingsHeavy rain can often dislodge nesting materials that can congregate in pipes and gutters.

Government Fines Did you know that the government has the power to hand out a £25,000 fine if a bird becomes trapped in netting and is not removed within 24 hours?

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