We offer first class support to our customers direct from our facility near Edinburgh, Scotland as well as through local distributors. Support services include :

  • Technical and scientific advice pre and post sales
  • Consultancy services
  • Custom design and engineering
  • Programming to meet specific customer requirements
  • Engineering site visits
  • Installation and commissioning
  • On-site inspection and maintenance, where possible
  • In-house Repair and maintenance

Robop engineers have carried out work for clients in locations as far apart as Florida, Sicily and Thailand.


We have shipped Robops to every continent except Africa.

As standard Robops come in a heavy duty cardboard box with a specially designed foam insert to ensure safe shipping to any world-wide destination. The box has the following dimensions – 460mm x 570mm x 260mm weight 9.7Kg volumetric weight 11.4Kg.

Pneumatic poles have the packaged dimension of 1920mm x 150mm x 260mm and have approximately the same weight as the robotic birds and are therefore also easy to ship world-wide.

Systems with high capacity externally batteries are shipped without the battery as it is much cheaper to source the battery locally than pay the freight charges.

Trailer systems are too heavy and expensive to ship normally although we have sent 12 of these to Saudi Arabia by sea. Normally we have the trailers manufactured local to the customer as this is much more cost effective.


All Robop systems have been designed to make installation as quick and as simple as possible. The majority of customers use their own staff to do the installation. However, for more complex systems or where customers prefer the convenience of using our service the installation is carried out by Robop engineers.

As standard Robops are mounted using our fixed bases. While these can be screwed or bolted to the building most customers use silicon adhesive provided free of charge with each order. This takes a ferocious grip and can normally only be removed using a cheese wire cutter or equivalent. Each mounting contains a bearing to allow Robop to move freely.

Solar powered systems are supplied with tripod mounts with feet engineered to match the profile of roofing sheets.


Robop products come with a 12 month warranty covering all parts and labour. This is a no quibble warranty. That means everything is covered with only one exception. We do not cover accidental damage caused if a Robop is dropped. On completion of annual service the warranty is extended for a further 12 months. In this way the warranty can be extended indefinitely. Unless the customer has an on-site service agreement, products have to be returned to us for warranty repair at the customer’s expense. However, we cover return freight charges. This applies to all customers regardless of location.

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