Solar Tripod System


In situations where regular re charging of the Standard Robop is not practical or where a more permanent installation is required we supply Solar Power Tripod Systems. It is both cheaper and quicker in most circumstances to install these systems than installing waterproof mains outlets on a roof.

The system designed and built by Robop has been refined after many years of testing and practical experience from customer sites. The first customer system was installed in 2007.

Solar-system1Each system comprises a solar power version of the Robop robotic falcon which is mounted on a tripod whose feet are fabricated to fit the profile of the roofing sheets on the customer’s premises. A bearing assembly allows Robop to rotate as normal. A very tough marine grade coiled cable connects the Robop to a battery box mounted in the base of the tripod. The battery box is made of fibreglass to Robop specification and contains an 80AHr deep cycle battery and solar charge regulator. An optional power meter is also available. A marine solar panel manufactured in Germany provides power to the battery which in turn feeds the Robop. These panels were selected after extensive tests at 56 degrees North where solar energy is minimum during winter months. The system is able to keep the batteries fully charged even through a cold, dark Scottish winter. The panels are light weight and as they have no glass they can be walked on avoiding any potential safety hazard for staff.

The system is quick to install and suitable for any roof.

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