Pneumatic Poles

polesOn some buildings there are no suitable high points to mount Robop or where access to the roof is not practical. In this instance we supply a pneumatic pole which lofts Robop to a height of 22 feet. The pole is raised and lowered using the attached hand pump. The specially engineered top mounting fits into the top of the pole and contains a bearing allowing the bird to rotate through 360 degrees.

Fully automated versions which raise and lower the pole automatically are also available. These come complete with an anemometer to measure the wind speed. Should the wind exceed 25 knots the control system automatically lowers the pole. At first light the system vents a control valve to ensure the pole is completely down. The onboard mains compressor is then run for 60 seconds which is enough to raise the pole to its full height. Over a period of up to 5 hours the poles slowly come down. From the perspective of a gull flying over, this has the effect of the birds appearing to move relative to the roof. After 5 hours the control system fires up the compressor again and the poles are raised to their full height putting each Robop 22 feet above the roof. When darkness falls the poles come down and the Robops go to sleep.


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