Our Clients

Robop has over 70 Corporate and Public Sector clients spread over 16 countries with the majority in the U.K. and North America.

Robop has many successful installations in the sectors of – Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Education, Retail, Mining, Shipbuilding, Agriculture, Food Production, Transportation, Sports & Leisure, Entertainment, Automobiles, Construction, Electricity Distribution and Healthcare.

Robop is proven effective in the largest of applications such as, Johnson & Johnson, Caterpillar, Exxon Mobil, Schipol Airport, BMW car dealerships, B&Q and international construction firms Balfour Beatty, Bovis and Amec.

Thanks to Robop’s unique, discreet and flexible bird control capabilities it has been used to protect beautiful landmarks and interesting situations where cruder methods of bird control are not appropriate

Robop is not just in use by some of the worlds largest and most recognized institutions, it is affordable and effective for smaller applications like the tiny Clavering Primary School where we stopped gulls attacking young children in the playground.

Whatever the size of your application, we provide exceptional technology and first class customer service to all clients.

Johnson & Johnson Medical

JohnstonandJohnstonJohnson & Johnson were one of the first companies to buy a Robop System for their medical equipment manufacturing operation. The system has been in continuous use since 2003. Their problem was with nesting birds, particularly gulls but also a variety of other birds including Oyster Catchers. These birds were damaging the roof surface and picking up small stones which they then dropped on employees below. Heavy rain washed nesting material into the drains causing flooding. They use 2 Standard Robops and numerous mounting bases. Uniquely management of the system is under the care of security staff who are responsible for moving and charging the birds.

Scottish Widows

ScottishWidowsCre8 Architects were responsible for the design of the prestigious Exchange Place complex of office buildings owned by Scottish Widows, one of the UK’s largest insurance companies. A feature of the building is the glass atrium. The problem, how to keep this clean when there were many gulls nesting in the area. Owners of adjacent properties were spending thousands keeping their windows clean. The solution, 2 mains powered Robops and 8 pneumatic mounting poles, painted to match the building. The result, not a single penny spent on cleaning the glass, no nesting birds on the roof, including all the adjacent buildings and many other successful projects for Robop working with Cre8.


CaterpillarCaterpillar have a large manufacturing plant in Peterlee where all the articulated dump trucks for the world market are made. The plant was plagued with nesting gulls – over 200 nesting pairs. They caused damage to the roof which had to be replaced. Despite hiring a company to clean the roof yearly, the factory flooded many times when nesting material was washed into the drains by heavy rain, resulting in many days of lost production. The Robop system consisting of 12 solar powered tripods with 6 robotic falcons was installed in February 2011. The system was a total success and to this day, no gulls are nesting, the roof is clean and not a single minute of production has been lost.

Fife Leisure


A totally different type of application for Robop. In 2013 Fife Leisure opened a state of the art leisure facility which included an astro-turf football pitch, used at night for 5 a side football matches. The problem – gulls roosting on the pitch during the day, creating a terrible mess. Staff had to clean the pitch every evening before a game. A dirty and unpopular job for staff and a costly one for the leisure centre. The solution, a standard Robop on a pneumatic pole, mounted on a special collapsible tripod. Easy to put out during the day and simple to store away during a game. The result a totally clean pitch and not a gull to be seen.