How Does ROBOP Work

How does the Robop actually work?

robop_waverley_coseup_The Robop (Robotic Bird of Prey) is a advanced bird control device, An autonomous robot modelled on the natural Predator of birds; the Peregrine Falcon. Robop Guards the roofs of large commercial, public and industrial buildings or structures. As well as open environments such as airport runways, farmland and sports pitches, using motion and sound to trick pest birds into thinking that they are in danger from a real Falcon; their natural predator.

Backed by 14 years of experience, precision engineering and Bird behavioural psychology expertise. Robop is built to successfully deter birds whilst maintaining the highest reliability. Supported by knowledge, excellent customer service and aftercare.

Easy to install and maintain. Robop offers a long term, humane and economic solution to a variety of bird pest problems and has a proven track record with some of the worlds most
prestigious businesses and has installations across 16 countries World Wide.


All Robop systems are custom made at our own engineering centre in Scotland with impeccable detail and thorough testing

robop-paint Each Robop has over 100 parts and is hand-built to customer order. We like to think of ourself as
carrying on the great Scottish engineering tradition using state of the art technology
and modern materials.

We don’t make or sell anything else. In short we are a highly focused company dedicated to solving
your bird control issues using our unique technology.



Our qualified technicians will install your Robop or you can install it yourself

onsite-engineering3All Robop systems have been designed to make installation as quick and as simple as possible. The majority of customers use their own staff to do the installation. However, for more complex systems or where customers prefer the convenience of using our service the installation is carried out by Robop engineers.

All standard Robops are mounted using our fixed bases. While these can be screwed or bolted to the building most customers use silicon adhesive provided free of charge with each order. This takes a ferocious grip and can normally only be removed using a cheese wire cutter or equivalent. Each mounting contains a bearing to allow Robop to move freely.

Solar powered systems are supplied with tripod mounts with feet engineered to match the profile of roofing sheets.


In a short time the Robop’s presence will deter pest birds in a humane and sustainable way

Watch how the Robop Scares away pest birds instantly in this test video