Why does Robop cost so much?

Because Robop is a unique product it is not possible to compare Robop with other similar products. So, this can lead people to compare it with plastic owls available from garden centres or to children’s robotic toys. Such products typically cost less than £25 and as such cost peanuts compared to Robop.

A more valid comparison would be to compare Robop against the cost of netting the entire roof of a building to prevent birds roosting or to contract the services of a falconer to fly a real hawk. In these cases Robop costs typically about one tenth of the price. While Robop is based on a simple concept, it is in fact quite a complex product employing many specially designed parts. It also costs a considerable sum of money to develop. Customers should be assured that they are paying the lowest price possible to ensure we can continue to develop the product and provide long term support. Note also that Robop is designed to operate in all weather conditions on exposed roof sites and is typically employed by industrial or commercial customers.

Each Robop contains over 100 parts. These include precision machined aluminium alloy and stainless steel parts, body parts made of advanced composite materials, electronic circuits and software.

People requiring a domestic solution at a much lower price point will be able to benefit from our domestic version, currently at the design stage. No timetable has been set for the release of this product but we encourage people to register their interest with us so that they can be informed as soon as the product becomes available.

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