What is the routine operation of the bird?

There are two aspects here, moving the bird to prevent habituation and battery charging. A peregrine falcon will sit for a long time observing before attacking other birds. However, they will not sit for weeks or months in the same spot. If you therefore leave Robop in the same spot other birds will eventually begin to realise that the behaviour of Robop is not “right”. They may become emboldened by this thought and start to ignore Robop. To combat this it is recommended that you move Robop between mounting bases every few days at first until the native birds have got the message and move away permanently. Once they have moved to another territory, Robop can then be left for a longer period in the one spot. The whole concept of Robop is to get nuisance birds to move away to a new territory because their current territory (i.e. on your building) has now been taken over by Peregrine falcons and is therefore not safe.

Because of the need to move Robop between bases you need good access to the mounting points or if access is difficult and/or you wish to protect open ground, then you need the trailer system. You could also attach the pneumatic pole to your building if roof access is difficult.

We have developed an advanced computer controlled permanent installation system for Robop. This puts a number of Robops on a property but only one or two will be visible at any time. Others will appear and disappear at random under computer control thus simulating the flight of the peregrine and return to a different resting point. No, day to day movement or maintenance will therefore be required.

As noted previously, saturated coverage with mains or solar powered Robops can be very effective over long periods without the need to move birds between mounts.

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