What does Robop cost?

Of the products that are capable of providing a long term bird deterrent solution, Robop is by far the least expensive. Robop cannot be compared with cheap products which are only effective for a very short period.

Robop is supplied direct from our factory or via local distributors and agents where these are in place. The price quoted by overseas distributors will include freight charges and import duty as well as local value added services. So, check with them for local pricing. Shown here are our standard International Prices in Euros and US Dollars. All prices are F.O.B Edinburgh, excluding VAT. Please call for local UK prices.

Prices: Standard Robop €4,000 or $5,500 Mounting bases €175 or $240, Mains Powered Robops (240 or 110v A.C.) €4,600 or $6,265, Solar Tripod Systems €6,250 or $8,560. Trailer system complete with 20 feet pneumatic pole €7,900 or $10,770.

A typical small installation will have two Robops and 4-6 mounting bases while a large system might have 8 or more solar or mains powered Robops.

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