Solar Power – Can Robop be run from Solar Panels?

Many people have asked about this, so, we have conducted an extensive series of tests starting in October 2004 and running through until July 2005. The objective of these tests was to determine which type of solar panel gives the best performance and determine the size of panel required to ensure all year round operation. Subsequently we ran extensive field trials on a lightweight 20 watt semi-flexible panel made in Germany by Solara. This worked extremely well over a two year test period so we used this panel for our first solar power installation during the winter of 2007. We monitored the system during the winter of 2007 and again in 2008. The performance of the system has exceeded all expectations so are now able to offer solar power as a standard option with your Robop system. We now have many installation running purely on solar power. For further information see –

Category: Operation of the Robop Bird Control System

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