How to get rid of pigeons using Robop

So, you are looking for an easy way on how to get rid of pigeons, right? Is Robop the answer to your prayers?

Well it could be. On the other hand maybe not. We have many success stories where Robop has achieved spectacular results getting rid of large numbers of pigeons and completely eliminating all the problems the pigeons were causing. However, on other sites Robop just hasn’t worked at all and the pigeons are carrying on making the same old mess. So, why should this be?

Let’s start with the facts. Peregrine falcons attack and eat pigeons so all pigeons have an inbuilt fear of the peregrine falcon. Ask any pigeon racer and he will tell you Peregrines are a curse. We know from the reaction of a wide range of bird types that they respond to Robop exactly as they would a real peregrine. So, pigeons in their natural state will be terrified of Robop and will leave your property.

But what of urbanised pigeons, emaciated, hungry, riddled with parasites and accustomed to city traffic. Most are in such a poor state of health that they hardly care whether they live or die. If this is the type of pigeons you have the chances of Robop solving your pigeon problems are slim.

So, why not tap into our vast experience and request a free site evaluation today.

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    we would to buy your robo falcon.
    What would be the price?

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    Also maybe you would be onterested in reselling product in small Lithuania market?

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