Do birds get used to Robop?

All bird deterrents are effective to some degree and over a limited time, usually a few days or weeks. By contrast we have clients where their Robops are still effective after 10 years. No other deterrent system comes remotely close to this.

Robop has been designed specifically to prevent habituation but to achieve this it must be managed. The battery must be charged and the bird moved from base to base to create the impression that a peregrine is using several roosts throughout the area to be protected. Alternatively, we have found that saturation coverage of a roof with solar or mains powered Robops that are not moved can also be extremely effective over the long term. This is of particular benefit where roof access is difficult or staff are not permitted on the roof for health and safety reasons.

Robop has been made as realistic as possible down to the smallest detail. This includes for example, the way it rocks very slightly in a breeze. Also, if a wind is blowing it will turn and face the wind and rest in that position. This is what all birds do to prevent discomfort.

Category: Operation of the Robop Bird Control System

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