Can we turn off or turn down the “voice” on Robop remotely?

Yes. There are two methods of achieving this. The first method is far simpler and involves a Radio Key by which the voice can be turned on and off. This was developed to meet a specific customer requirement at a conference centre where there was a need to turn Robop “off” while meetings were in progress. The second and more complex approach is to use the mobile communications version of Robop. This had a Nokia GSM mobile phone core incorporated in the electronics allowing remote communications with a Robop. from any internet access device such as a PC or smart phone. The user logs on to a secure web site where they can change the on board programme, for example by turning down the voice. When the changes are complete they are uploaded to Robop. In this way all the comms enabled Robops around the globe can be programmed and indeed monitored remotely. This version of Robop is not on general release so if you require this functionality please get in touch.

Category: Operation of the Robop Bird Control System

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