Can Robop still operate in very low temperatures, such as -40C?

Assuming the wing and head joints have not been frozen solid, the issue here is whether the batteries will still operate. Such temperatures are well outside the spec for NiMH batteries. If you expect to encounter such low temperatures we may be able to supply a low temperature variant which we understand is available but we are waiting to hear from the manufacturer on this. Experience in the far north, notably in Canada, has been mixed with some battery pack failures and some loss of ability to hold a full charge. At this stage we would recommend taking Robop inside if such low temperatures are forecast. Note that Robop has an automatic fail safe procedure for the case where the wings are frozen or weighed down with snow.

We have been advised by an aerospace company that we can encapsulate the batteries in polyurethane foam. Apparently when this is done the batteries internally generated heat is trapped and this allows the battery to work at very low temperatures. The question mark around this technique is of course what happens in the hot summer temperatures? If low temperature working is an issue for you please make contact with us and we can investigate possible solutions.

Category: Operation of the Robop Bird Control System

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