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Did Robop attend the Bird Strike conference in Vancouver?

Robop was there represented by our Canadian distributor the HiTech Group of Grand Prairie, Alberta. For details of the conference go to https://www.birdstrikecanada.com/2005Conf.htm. Another useful web link is the FAA National Wildlife Strike Database at – https://wildlife-mitigation.tc.faa.gov./public_html/#access

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Do you offer credit terms in the U.K. or purchases?

No. All goods must be paid for at the time of ordering. This applies whether you are a multinational corporation or a sole trader. We do this for one very simple reason. We concentrate our resources into providing first class engineering and customer service not on chasing payments. We have set up an excellent service for handling foreign currency electronically ...

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Can we order Robop over the web?

No. For the time being we have not implemented this because we believe it is important to assess the customer’s requirements rather than have them buy the product unsupported. We and our distributors normally visit customers but where this is impractical we have developed a way of assessing requirements remotely by using digital photography and satellite images backed by e-mail ...

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Why does Robop cost so much?

Because Robop is a unique product it is not possible to compare Robop with other similar products. So, this can lead people to compare it with plastic owls available from garden centres or to children’s robotic toys. Such products typically cost less than £25 and as such cost peanuts compared to Robop. A more valid comparison would be to compare ...

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Trials – do you offer customer trials of Robop?

We have conducted customer trials in the U.K., Holland, Germany, Thailand and the United States on a chargeable basis partially refundable when a Robop system is purchased. Now that we have such extensive experience of a wide variety of customer applications we encourage potential customers not to consider a trial unless they have a very good reason. Trials can be ...

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