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When I deployed Robop for the first time the bird population suddenly increased. Why was that?

This is very common and is frequently accompanied by aggressive attacks on Robop with birds swooping, diving and indeed “crapping” on it. A strong reaction such as this shows that the birds not only heard and saw Robop but immediately regarded it as a threat. This is excellent, although you probably wondered, “What the hell is happening here”. Robop is ...

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How long can we expect Robop to last?

We expect Robop to last more than 10 years of continuous use, provided that it is regularly maintained. As with any mechanical product that is used outdoors in all weathers, Robop does need to be maintained to stay in tip top condition. We now run an annual refurbishment programme where we check all functions of the product, repair any damaged ...

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What is the routine operation of the bird?

There are two aspects here, moving the bird to prevent habituation and battery charging. A peregrine falcon will sit for a long time observing before attacking other birds. However, they will not sit for weeks or months in the same spot. If you therefore leave Robop in the same spot other birds will eventually begin to realise that the behaviour ...

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Do birds get used to Robop?

All bird deterrents are effective to some degree and over a limited time, usually a few days or weeks. By contrast we have clients where their Robops are still effective after 10 years. No other deterrent system comes remotely close to this. Robop has been designed specifically to prevent habituation but to achieve this it must be managed. The battery ...

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What species does Robop scare?

Robop is effective against the main target species of problem birds i.e. seagulls, all corvids, wood/feral pigeons and starlings. Small non-flock birds are less likely to be affected. Tests will be undertaken to determine the effectiveness against geese in cereal and grass protection. The peregrine falcon is distributed over a greater range than any other bird in the world. Robop ...

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