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Can Robop still operate in very low temperatures, such as -40C?

Assuming the wing and head joints have not been frozen solid, the issue here is whether the batteries will still operate. Such temperatures are well outside the spec for NiMH batteries. If you expect to encounter such low temperatures we may be able to supply a low temperature variant which we understand is available but we are waiting to hear ...

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Can Robop be run from a car battery attached by a long cable?

We have installed our first site using an external lead acid leisure battery on a long cable. Note that a leisure battery which is designed for deep discharge must be used not a standard car battery which is designed to supply a large current and be immediately recharged. This arrangement works well provided that the regulator (a special part designed ...

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Solar Power – Can Robop be run from Solar Panels?

Many people have asked about this, so, we have conducted an extensive series of tests starting in October 2004 and running through until July 2005. The objective of these tests was to determine which type of solar panel gives the best performance and determine the size of panel required to ensure all year round operation. Subsequently we ran extensive field ...

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How can I tell if the batteries are fully charged?

You can either use the trickle charge or fast charge capability with the Robop supplied charger. Using the normal or “trickle” charge requires approximately 8 hours to charge, so it is best left to charge overnight. The charger’s fast charge facility delivers up to 2.5A and when the battery is fully charged it switches automatically into trickle charge mode. This ...

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