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Robop Rental

Robop now offers a UK based rental service so you can protect your building from gulls and pigeons for short periods of time. Be it that you want to protect your business during the nesting season, fend of seagulls before a demolition or keep them of your site whilst construction is under way. The Robop rental starts from £400 per ...

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Complete Guide

Basic Rules When you start using the Robop system of bird repelling and deterring the main objective is to convince the pest birds that a peregrine falcon (or more than one) has moved into their territory on a permanent basis. This requires regular maintenance, moving the bird(s) around their different mounting bases and making sure the battery is always charged. ...

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Trailer Systems

Where there are no buildings or indeed where access to the roof is not practical, there is a Robop trailer system. The Mark4 trailer launched in 2006 is a custom-engineered product with a pneumatic pole on top of which Robop sits. This puts Robop 22 feet above ground in the standard configuration or 30 feet with the optional taller pole. ...

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Pneumatic Poles

On some buildings there are no suitable high points to mount Robop or where access to the roof is not practical. In this instance we supply a pneumatic pole which lofts Robop to a height of 22 feet. The pole is raised and lowered using the attached hand pump. The specially engineered top mounting fits into the top of the ...

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Solar Tripod System

In situations where regular re charging of the Standard Robop is not practical or where a more permanent installation is required we supply Solar Power Tripod Systems. It is both cheaper and quicker in most circumstances to install these systems than installing waterproof mains outlets on a roof. The system designed and built by Robop has been refined after many ...

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