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Complete Guide

Basic Rules When you start using the Robop system of bird repelling and deterring the main objective is to convince the pest birds that a peregrine falcon (or more than one) has moved into their territory on a permanent basis. This requires regular maintenance, moving the bird(s) around their different mounting bases and making sure the battery is always charged. ...

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Trailer Systems

Where there are no buildings or indeed where access to the roof is not practical, there is a Robop trailer system. The Mark4 trailer launched in 2006 is a custom-engineered product with a pneumatic pole on top of which Robop sits. This puts Robop 22 feet above ground in the standard configuration or 30 feet with the optional taller pole. ...

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Pneumatic Poles

On some buildings there are no suitable high points to mount Robop or where access to the roof is not practical. In this instance we supply a pneumatic pole which lofts Robop to a height of 22 feet. The pole is raised and lowered using the attached hand pump. The specially engineered top mounting fits into the top of the ...

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Solar Tripod System

In situations where regular re charging of the Standard Robop is not practical or where a more permanent installation is required we supply Solar Power Tripod Systems. It is both cheaper and quicker in most circumstances to install these systems than installing waterproof mains outlets on a roof. The system designed and built by Robop has been refined after many ...

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