Robop, Robotic Bird Of Prey, is a custom made complete pest bird control solution


At Robop Limited just east of Edinburgh we manufacture and sell the worlds only robotic enterprise level bird deterrent system, the Robop.


Robop is designed around the look, behaviour and sound of a hunting Peregrine Falcon, combining nature and robotics to convince pest birds such as seagulls and pigeons to search for new territory.


An autonomous Robot, Robop moves its head and wings and emits 4 peregrine calls to deter birds from nesting on the roofs of large commercialpublic and industrial buildings or structures. It can also be used successfully in open environments such as airport runwaysfarmland and sports pitches.


Despite being modelled on a powerful predator, Robop is completely humane and will deter birds without causing any harm, and is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions for many years with minimal maintenance.


Available in 3 power types, battery, mains and solar, with numerous mounting systems engineered to suit a variety of applications you can tailor a Robop bird control system to suit the needs of your business.


With successful installations in over 16 countries worldwide and clients across a variety of sectors, Robop is backed by experienceexpertise and engineering, making it a worthy contender for large scale professional bird control.


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